Certified Agile Auditor Professional (cAAP)

We can only audit at the speed of risk, if we update our audit process. Traditional internal auditing is a broken model that is too slow, too historical, and too rigid. In today's dynamic business environment you have to be more proactive and agile, or you risk being seen as just another compliance function.

Audit plans must be flexible, able to adapt to cover critical and emerging risks at a speed that makes sense for our organizations. The agile audit methodology creates an audit plan that meets the needs of a modern, risk-based team.

Agile auditing is a risk-centric approach to developing and executing audits, based on a shorter audit lifecycle from assessment to reporting, which focuses on gaining and sharing insights with management related to the most urgent risks in an organization.

In this certification course, you will learn how to apply the 4 Agile Audit Values and 12 Agile Audit Principles to transform your department into a high-performing team capable of auditing at the speed of risk. Toby DeRoche will guide you through the concepts of a blended solution merging internal auditing with agile delivery in a practical approach that you can use immediately.

It's impossible to start implementing an agile approach from just reading an article, a book, or even listening to a one hour webinar. You need the detailed step-by-step process that you can only get in this certification course.

Have you fully considered what it is costing you to keep a traditional internal audit methodology instead of embracing the future with agile auditing?

Don't just get CPEs.

Get Certified in Agile Auditing!